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Dwarf Burmese Python

Python molurus bivittatus

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Dwarf Burmese Pythons (Dwarf Burmís) are FANTASTIC snakes.  We are a big fan of them here.  They are snappy as hatchlings but just like other snakes soon calm down, Dwarf Burmís have not exceeded 8 foot in captivity (big female) just over 6 foot is about it for a large female.  Colouration and patterning is very similar to that of a standard wild type Burmese.  However, there does seem to be at least two colour phases of Dwarf Burmese light and dark nothing is known whether this is genetic or not.  Breeders are not only trying to breed more Dwarfs but also to breed in the colour morphs of the larger Burmís, it is still unknown (as far as we know) how big these first generation Dwarfs will be. To learn more about Dwarf Burmese care click on link:


Captive Care


This pair is currently one and half years old and around two/two and a half feet.  As you can see one is light phased (or high contrast) and the other dark phased.





We hope to be pairing dwarf to morph in 2009

and pairing dwarf to dwarf in 2009.